Bringing stars straight from the heavens to your event.


Vetted artists that not only captivate but electrify your audience

At OX, we leverage our large database to offer you top-tier talent that aligns with your budget and preferences, ensuring that your event’s entertainment is both memorable and impactful.
Selecting the perfect artist is an art in itself, an art we know
What truly captivates an audience at an event? Is it the delectable food or the stunning decor? While these elements play a role, it’s often the choice of entertainment that keeps attendees engaged and enthralled. Whether it’s a compelling speaker for a panel discussion, a Bollywood sensation, a dynamic rock band, a soulful folk artist, an exhilarating drone show, or traditional performances, selecting the right artist is crucial.
In a world brimming with talented artists, choosing the perfect fit for your event can be a daunting task. That’s where we at OX come in. With our extensive one-on-one database featuring a diverse array of artists, we simplify this process for you. Our vast network allows us to recommend the most suitable and unique entertainment options tailored to your event.