The trailblazer. The pathfinder. The trendsetter.

A decade of breathing life into events

Established in 2010 under the visionary leadership of Mr. Ruchin Kohli, a luminary in the field who serves as Chairperson Events & Promotions MSME Dev Forum and Joint Secretary - North India for the Event and Entertainment Association of India, with the mission of bringing events to life through ideas that exceed norms, innovation ahead of its time, and meticulous execution never seen before.

Our larger-than-life sets, personalised in-house design and fabrication capabilities, and an industry-best production, IT, and operations team collaborate seamlessly to create events that will go down in history.

Our trajectory is marked by the success of inaugural events and pioneering launches

Landmarks such as the inauguration of NBCC Towers in New Delhi, the First Press Conference for the 71st Miss World, WCCRC (World Consumer Credit Forum - India's inaugural edition), IATO 2018, IATO 2019, and IATO 2021 Travel Convention & Travel Awards (a pivotal event in Indian travel conventions), DACAII (Domestic Air Cargo Association of India), 7th MSME Summit and Awards, International Theatre Festival, International Film Festivals, Polymed Medical Conference, and ACEM.

The roster includes corporate titans and esteemed government clientele

Industry giants such as BCG, Shree Ji Cement, McKinsey & Co., Miss World Organisation, MSME, Ministry of Cooperation, Vaio, Saif Partners, Polymed, Yamaha, Pay U, Samsung, Panasonic, Halyard, Mastercard, Pazzion India, Nextgo Series, Dan Bro, and the leagues of them.

We are headquartered in New Delhi, with corporate offices in Mumbai and Goa, and an influential reach across South Asia.