Exhibitions / Conventions​

Organizing exhibitions is a complex endeavor, involving everything from panel installation and stall fabrication to speaker invitations, technological research, and seamless coordination to create a memorable experience for exhibitors and attendees alike. At OX, we excel in this intricate art of exhibition management.

For the past four years, we have also been the driving force behind IATO, India’s largest tourism annual convention. Our in-house design facility enables us to offer bespoke design experiences for stall designing and fabrication services. Simply share your vision with us—whether it’s a rough sketch or a detailed plan—and we’ll transform your design imagination into reality.

This event, graced by a diverse audience ranging from bureaucrats and politicians to Bollywood celebrities, showcased our ability to handle every detail. From conceptualizing and designing the event space to flawlessly executing the fabrication of approximately 250 stalls, we ensured a smooth and successful event.